23 cents soldier

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  • Korean War (1950-1954) ended at the same border (38th parallel) that it started. It's also named as 3WW because 21 countries were involved in the war, namely China, USA, Russia and UN. Turkey was also one of the countries that sent soldier to UN military. After the Senate address of John F. Dulles valued Turkish soldiers at 23 cents a month compared with the lowest echelon U.S. soldiers at $70, Nazım Hikmet Ran wrote a poem called "23 Sentlik Askere Dair" (On the soldier worth 23 cents).


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  • Kosmonovski, a band of six mentally-disordered people, a professional guitarist and a social-worker, is a "pscyho-pop" band from Munster, founded in 2012. In January 2016, they went on a tour in Germany and Luxembourg with the famous German punk-rock band "donots". Through the tour, Kosmonovski and donots got close friends and had fun together. The film is a road-movie documentary film dealing with the question if a better medicine exists for mentally-disordered people, in this case, "music therapy".


    "We are a film company that makes social based docudramas, documentaries and fiction films to help making the world a better place."

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