23 Cents Soldier is shaped around the memories of 4 Turkish (Ali Dagbağlı, Mehmet Aksoy, Mehmet Cemil Yasar, Yüksel Yildirim) and 3 Korean (Jonghwan Kim, Imbum Lee, Eulchol Moon) war veterans. The intervies begin with the lives of veterans before the beginning of the war and continue with memories of war and post-war. These interviews are accompanied by external voice-over and assist them. The Veterans who participated in the Korean war, which has been over 70 years, are now in their 90s. The vast majority of them passed away so every sentence they can say can be seen as a legacy for the future. The veterans gave the name Korean to the shops after they return from the war to have the Korean title that they will carry for a lifetime. In the end, After all, being a veteran was a great honor for all of them. Maybe that was their biggest gain…

Key Cast: Ali Dağbağlı, Mehmet Aksoy, Mehmet Cemil Yaşar, Yüksel Yıldırmaz, Jonghwan Kim, Imbum Lee, Eulchol Moon
Director & Producer & Director of Photography: Mümin Barış
Writer: Tayfun Luxembourgeus
Co-producer: Dong Hyun Yoo
Editor: Mert Harmandar
Music: Yaz Hünkar, Emrah Göktaş
Art Director: Martin Mihaylov

Festival Screenings:
59. Antalya International Golden Orange Film Festival
24. Safranbolu International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival
2. Ayancik Film Festival
5. Taste of Anatolia Films from Turkey, England