Bay Okan_mood from laylafilm on Vimeo.

Tunç Okan, who is working on his new film project in his office in Nice, France, learns on the radio that the 60th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival has been cancelled due to censorship controversies. Looking at the Golden Orange statue in his office, which he won at the same festival with his film Sarı Mercedes (Yellow Mercedes), Okan sets off for Turkey in his old Mercedes. After a while, a mysterious young woman, Dilistan joins Okan in his journey. Okan enters a sometimes tense, sometimes funny, sometimes deep dialogues with this woman who accompanies him on the small roads connecting Europe and Turkey. The roads as well as the dialogues take Okan both to his hometown and to his memories. Okan's physical journey ends when the director finds İlyas Salman, Bayram of the cult film Yellow Mercedes, in the Anatolian steppes and takes Salman in his car. The mysterious young woman who suddenly enters Okan's journey mysteriously disappears again after Okan finds Bayram.